Habitat survey monitoring

vanuatu, habitat

The objective of this webpage is to collect and centralize all the information on habitat survey around Vanuatu, managed by the Fisheries department research unit. Coastal ecosystems support a high diversity of habitats, which play a key role in shaping the associated biological communities. Coastal habitats play a key ecological role for many commercially important fish and invertebrate species, in particular as spawning, feeding, and nursery areas during their early life-history stages. Yet, they are now facing a wide range of threats in terms of resource exploitation, habitat modification and/or pollution. Monitoring the different habitats (e.g. coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds etc.) is crucial to provide baseline information on their status in the framework of global changes, and to allow comparisons over regional and global spatiotemporal scales.

Browse the habitat survey reports from throughout the country

Check out our interactive habitat survey survey map: zoom in/out on the reefs, click on any dot to retreive the available information on habitat survey (including locations, numbers, etc.)

Reef status

Animated zoom (if supported by GMaps on your device)

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